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Transformation (conversion) 3D & CAD-files

Quite often our clients are faced with the task of converting models from one format to another. At first glance, an elementary procedure often turns into a headache - incompatible versions and / or systems, exotic formats, incorrect conversion, etc. CAD Monster can cope with any challenge.
Have a file with unknown extension? A huge file that couldn't be opened even by the most powerful computer? The designer is not satisfied with the result of the transformation of his model in the CAD-program? With all these and many other problems we are glad to help you and solve them cheaply and as quickly as possible.
Preliminary information on the conversion can be obtained by filling out the form
We'll help you to carry out the conversion of the file of any size and geometric complexity
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.3dm→.3ds   .3dm→.3dxml   .3dm→.blend   .3dm→.c4d   .3dm→.CATPart   .3dm→.CATProduct   .3dm→.cgr   .3dm→.dae   .3dm→.dwg   .3dm→.fbx   .3dm→.igs, .iges   .3dm→.jt   .3dm→.lwo   .3dm→.lws   .3dm→.m3d   .3dm→.ma   .3dm→.mb   .3dm→.max   .3dm→.obj   .3dm→.off   .3dm→.par   .3dm→.ply   .3dm→.prt   .3dm→.prt   .3dm→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .3dm→.skp   .3dm→.sldasm   .3dm→.sldprt   .3dm→.stl   .3dm→.stp, .step   .3dm→.u3d   .3dm→.wrl, .vrml   .3dm→.x_t, .x_b   .3dm→.xsi   .3ds→.3dm   .3ds→.3dxml   .3ds→.blend   .3ds→.c4d   .3ds→.CATPart   .3ds→.CATProduct   .3ds→.cgr   .3ds→.dae   .3ds→.dwg   .3ds→.fbx   .3ds→.igs, .iges   .3ds→.jt   .3ds→.lwo   .3ds→.lws   .3ds→.m3d   .3ds→.ma   .3ds→.mb   .3ds→.max   .3ds→.obj   .3ds→.off   .3ds→.par   .3ds→.ply   .3ds→.prt   .3ds→.prt   .3ds→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .3ds→.skp   .3ds→.sldasm   .3ds→.sldprt   .3ds→.stl   .3ds→.stp, .step   .3ds→.u3d   .3ds→.wrl, .vrml   .3ds→.x_t, .x_b   .3ds→.xsi   .3dxml→.3dm   .3dxml→.3ds   .3dxml→.blend   .3dxml→.c4d   .3dxml→.CATPart   .3dxml→.CATProduct   .3dxml→.cgr   .3dxml→.dae   .3dxml→.dwg   .3dxml→.fbx   .3dxml→.igs, .iges   .3dxml→.jt   .3dxml→.lwo   .3dxml→.lws   .3dxml→.m3d   .3dxml→.ma   .3dxml→.mb   .3dxml→.max   .3dxml→.obj   .3dxml→.off   .3dxml→.par   .3dxml→.ply   .3dxml→.prt   .3dxml→.prt   .3dxml→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .3dxml→.skp   .3dxml→.sldasm   .3dxml→.sldprt   .3dxml→.stl   .3dxml→.stp, .step   .3dxml→.u3d   .3dxml→.wrl, .vrml   .3dxml→.x_t, .x_b   .3dxml→.xsi   .blend→.3dm   .blend→.3ds   .blend→.3dxml   .blend→.c4d   .blend→.CATPart   .blend→.CATProduct   .blend→.cgr   .blend→.dae   .blend→.dwg   .blend→.fbx   .blend→.igs, .iges   .blend→.jt   .blend→.lwo   .blend→.lws   .blend→.m3d   .blend→.ma   .blend→.mb   .blend→.max   .blend→.obj   .blend→.off   .blend→.par   .blend→.ply   .blend→.prt   .blend→.prt   .blend→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .blend→.skp   .blend→.sldasm   .blend→.sldprt   .blend→.stl   .blend→.stp, .step   .blend→.u3d   .blend→.wrl, .vrml   .blend→.x_t, .x_b   .blend→.xsi   .c4d→.3dm   .c4d→.3ds   .c4d→.3dxml   .c4d→.blend   .c4d→.CATPart   .c4d→.CATProduct   .c4d→.cgr   .c4d→.dae   .c4d→.dwg   .c4d→.fbx   .c4d→.igs, .iges   .c4d→.jt   .c4d→.lwo   .c4d→.lws   .c4d→.m3d   .c4d→.ma   .c4d→.mb   .c4d→.max   .c4d→.obj   .c4d→.off   .c4d→.par   .c4d→.ply   .c4d→.prt   .c4d→.prt   .c4d→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .c4d→.skp   .c4d→.sldasm   .c4d→.sldprt   .c4d→.stl   .c4d→.stp, .step   .c4d→.u3d   .c4d→.wrl, .vrml   .c4d→.x_t, .x_b   .c4d→.xsi   .CATPart→.3dm   .CATPart→.3ds   .CATPart→.3dxml   .CATPart→.blend   .CATPart→.c4d   .CATPart→.CATProduct   .CATPart→.cgr   .CATPart→.dae   .CATPart→.dwg   .CATPart→.fbx   .CATPart→.igs, .iges   .CATPart→.jt   .CATPart→.lwo   .CATPart→.lws   .CATPart→.m3d   .CATPart→.ma   .CATPart→.mb   .CATPart→.max   .CATPart→.obj   .CATPart→.off   .CATPart→.par   .CATPart→.ply   .CATPart→.prt   .CATPart→.prt   .CATPart→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .CATPart→.skp   .CATPart→.sldasm   .CATPart→.sldprt   .CATPart→.stl   .CATPart→.stp, .step   .CATPart→.u3d   .CATPart→.wrl, .vrml   .CATPart→.x_t, .x_b   .CATPart→.xsi   .CATProduct→.3dm   .CATProduct→.3ds   .CATProduct→.3dxml   .CATProduct→.blend   .CATProduct→.c4d   .CATProduct→.CATPart   .CATProduct→.cgr   .CATProduct→.dae   .CATProduct→.dwg   .CATProduct→.fbx   .CATProduct→.igs, .iges   .CATProduct→.jt   .CATProduct→.lwo   .CATProduct→.lws   .CATProduct→.m3d   .CATProduct→.ma   .CATProduct→.mb   .CATProduct→.max   .CATProduct→.obj   .CATProduct→.off   .CATProduct→.par   .CATProduct→.ply   .CATProduct→.prt   .CATProduct→.prt   .CATProduct→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .CATProduct→.skp   .CATProduct→.sldasm   .CATProduct→.sldprt   .CATProduct→.stl   .CATProduct→.stp, .step   .CATProduct→.u3d   .CATProduct→.wrl, .vrml   .CATProduct→.x_t, .x_b   .CATProduct→.xsi   .cgr→.3dm   .cgr→.3ds   .cgr→.3dxml   .cgr→.blend   .cgr→.c4d   .cgr→.CATPart   .cgr→.CATProduct   .cgr→.dae   .cgr→.dwg   .cgr→.fbx   .cgr→.igs, .iges   .cgr→.jt   .cgr→.lwo   .cgr→.lws   .cgr→.m3d   .cgr→.ma   .cgr→.mb   .cgr→.max   .cgr→.obj   .cgr→.off   .cgr→.par   .cgr→.ply   .cgr→.prt   .cgr→.prt   .cgr→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .cgr→.skp   .cgr→.sldasm   .cgr→.sldprt   .cgr→.stl   .cgr→.stp, .step   .cgr→.u3d   .cgr→.wrl, .vrml   .cgr→.x_t, .x_b   .cgr→.xsi   .dae→.3dm   .dae→.3ds   .dae→.3dxml   .dae→.blend   .dae→.c4d   .dae→.CATPart   .dae→.CATProduct   .dae→.cgr   .dae→.dwg   .dae→.fbx   .dae→.igs, .iges   .dae→.jt   .dae→.lwo   .dae→.lws   .dae→.m3d   .dae→.ma   .dae→.mb   .dae→.max   .dae→.obj   .dae→.off   .dae→.par   .dae→.ply   .dae→.prt   .dae→.prt   .dae→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .dae→.skp   .dae→.sldasm   .dae→.sldprt   .dae→.stl   .dae→.stp, .step   .dae→.u3d   .dae→.wrl, .vrml   .dae→.x_t, .x_b   .dae→.xsi   .dwg→.3dm   .dwg→.3ds   .dwg→.3dxml   .dwg→.blend   .dwg→.c4d   .dwg→.CATPart   .dwg→.CATProduct   .dwg→.cgr   .dwg→.dae   .dwg→.fbx   .dwg→.igs, .iges   .dwg→.jt   .dwg→.lwo   .dwg→.lws   .dwg→.m3d   .dwg→.ma   .dwg→.mb   .dwg→.max   .dwg→.obj   .dwg→.off   .dwg→.par   .dwg→.ply   .dwg→.prt   .dwg→.prt   .dwg→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .dwg→.skp   .dwg→.sldasm   .dwg→.sldprt   .dwg→.stl   .dwg→.stp, .step   .dwg→.u3d   .dwg→.wrl, .vrml   .dwg→.x_t, .x_b   .dwg→.xsi   .fbx→.3dm   .fbx→.3ds   .fbx→.3dxml   .fbx→.blend   .fbx→.c4d   .fbx→.CATPart   .fbx→.CATProduct   .fbx→.cgr   .fbx→.dae   .fbx→.dwg   .fbx→.igs, .iges   .fbx→.jt   .fbx→.lwo   .fbx→.lws   .fbx→.m3d   .fbx→.ma   .fbx→.mb   .fbx→.max   .fbx→.obj   .fbx→.off   .fbx→.par   .fbx→.ply   .fbx→.prt   .fbx→.prt   .fbx→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .fbx→.skp   .fbx→.sldasm   .fbx→.sldprt   .fbx→.stl   .fbx→.stp, .step   .fbx→.u3d   .fbx→.wrl, .vrml   .fbx→.x_t, .x_b   .fbx→.xsi   .igs, .iges→.3dm   .igs, .iges→.3ds   .igs, .iges→.3dxml   .igs, .iges→.blend   .igs, .iges→.c4d   .igs, .iges→.CATPart   .igs, .iges→.CATProduct   .igs, .iges→.cgr   .igs, .iges→.dae   .igs, .iges→.dwg   .igs, .iges→.fbx   .igs, .iges→.jt   .igs, .iges→.lwo   .igs, .iges→.lws   .igs, .iges→.m3d   .igs, .iges→.ma   .igs, .iges→.mb   .igs, .iges→.max   .igs, .iges→.obj   .igs, .iges→.off   .igs, .iges→.par   .igs, .iges→.ply   .igs, .iges→.prt   .igs, .iges→.prt   .igs, .iges→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .igs, .iges→.skp   .igs, .iges→.sldasm   .igs, .iges→.sldprt   .igs, .iges→.stl   .igs, .iges→.stp, .step   .igs, .iges→.u3d   .igs, .iges→.wrl, .vrml   .igs, .iges→.x_t, .x_b   .igs, .iges→.xsi   .jt→.3dm   .jt→.3ds   .jt→.3dxml   .jt→.blend   .jt→.c4d   .jt→.CATPart   .jt→.CATProduct   .jt→.cgr   .jt→.dae   .jt→.dwg   .jt→.fbx   .jt→.igs, .iges   .jt→.lwo   .jt→.lws   .jt→.m3d   .jt→.ma   .jt→.mb   .jt→.max   .jt→.obj   .jt→.off   .jt→.par   .jt→.ply   .jt→.prt   .jt→.prt   .jt→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .jt→.skp   .jt→.sldasm   .jt→.sldprt   .jt→.stl   .jt→.stp, .step   .jt→.u3d   .jt→.wrl, .vrml   .jt→.x_t, .x_b   .jt→.xsi   .lwo→.3dm   .lwo→.3ds   .lwo→.3dxml   .lwo→.blend   .lwo→.c4d   .lwo→.CATPart   .lwo→.CATProduct   .lwo→.cgr   .lwo→.dae   .lwo→.dwg   .lwo→.fbx   .lwo→.igs, .iges   .lwo→.jt   .lwo→.lws   .lwo→.m3d   .lwo→.ma   .lwo→.mb   .lwo→.max   .lwo→.obj   .lwo→.off   .lwo→.par   .lwo→.ply   .lwo→.prt   .lwo→.prt   .lwo→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .lwo→.skp   .lwo→.sldasm   .lwo→.sldprt   .lwo→.stl   .lwo→.stp, .step   .lwo→.u3d   .lwo→.wrl, .vrml   .lwo→.x_t, .x_b   .lwo→.xsi   .lws→.3dm   .lws→.3ds   .lws→.3dxml   .lws→.blend   .lws→.c4d   .lws→.CATPart   .lws→.CATProduct   .lws→.cgr   .lws→.dae   .lws→.dwg   .lws→.fbx   .lws→.igs, .iges   .lws→.jt   .lws→.lwo   .lws→.m3d   .lws→.ma   .lws→.mb   .lws→.max   .lws→.obj   .lws→.off   .lws→.par   .lws→.ply   .lws→.prt   .lws→.prt   .lws→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .lws→.skp   .lws→.sldasm   .lws→.sldprt   .lws→.stl   .lws→.stp, .step   .lws→.u3d   .lws→.wrl, .vrml   .lws→.x_t, .x_b   .lws→.xsi   .m3d→.3dm   .m3d→.3ds   .m3d→.3dxml   .m3d→.blend   .m3d→.c4d   .m3d→.CATPart   .m3d→.CATProduct   .m3d→.cgr   .m3d→.dae   .m3d→.dwg   .m3d→.fbx   .m3d→.igs, .iges   .m3d→.jt   .m3d→.lwo   .m3d→.lws   .m3d→.ma   .m3d→.mb   .m3d→.max   .m3d→.obj   .m3d→.off   .m3d→.par   .m3d→.ply   .m3d→.prt   .m3d→.prt   .m3d→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .m3d→.skp   .m3d→.sldasm   .m3d→.sldprt   .m3d→.stl   .m3d→.stp, .step   .m3d→.u3d   .m3d→.wrl, .vrml   .m3d→.x_t, .x_b   .m3d→.xsi   .ma→.3dm   .ma→.3ds   .ma→.3dxml   .ma→.blend   .ma→.c4d   .ma→.CATPart   .ma→.CATProduct   .ma→.cgr   .ma→.dae   .ma→.dwg   .ma→.fbx   .ma→.igs, .iges   .ma→.jt   .ma→.lwo   .ma→.lws   .ma→.m3d   .ma→.mb   .ma→.max   .ma→.obj   .ma→.off   .ma→.par   .ma→.ply   .ma→.prt   .ma→.prt   .ma→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .ma→.skp   .ma→.sldasm   .ma→.sldprt   .ma→.stl   .ma→.stp, .step   .ma→.u3d   .ma→.wrl, .vrml   .ma→.x_t, .x_b   .ma→.xsi   .mb→.3dm   .mb→.3ds   .mb→.3dxml   .mb→.blend   .mb→.c4d   .mb→.CATPart   .mb→.CATProduct   .mb→.cgr   .mb→.dae   .mb→.dwg   .mb→.fbx   .mb→.igs, .iges   .mb→.jt   .mb→.lwo   .mb→.lws   .mb→.m3d   .mb→.ma   .mb→.max   .mb→.obj   .mb→.off   .mb→.par   .mb→.ply   .mb→.prt   .mb→.prt   .mb→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .mb→.skp   .mb→.sldasm   .mb→.sldprt   .mb→.stl   .mb→.stp, .step   .mb→.u3d   .mb→.wrl, .vrml   .mb→.x_t, .x_b   .mb→.xsi   .max→.3dm   .max→.3ds   .max→.3dxml   .max→.blend   .max→.c4d   .max→.CATPart   .max→.CATProduct   .max→.cgr   .max→.dae   .max→.dwg   .max→.fbx   .max→.igs, .iges   .max→.jt   .max→.lwo   .max→.lws   .max→.m3d   .max→.ma   .max→.mb   .max→.obj   .max→.off   .max→.par   .max→.ply   .max→.prt   .max→.prt   .max→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .max→.skp   .max→.sldasm   .max→.sldprt   .max→.stl   .max→.stp, .step   .max→.u3d   .max→.wrl, .vrml   .max→.x_t, .x_b   .max→.xsi   .obj→.3dm   .obj→.3ds   .obj→.3dxml   .obj→.blend   .obj→.c4d   .obj→.CATPart   .obj→.CATProduct   .obj→.cgr   .obj→.dae   .obj→.dwg   .obj→.fbx   .obj→.igs, .iges   .obj→.jt   .obj→.lwo   .obj→.lws   .obj→.m3d   .obj→.ma   .obj→.mb   .obj→.max   .obj→.off   .obj→.par   .obj→.ply   .obj→.prt   .obj→.prt   .obj→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .obj→.skp   .obj→.sldasm   .obj→.sldprt   .obj→.stl   .obj→.stp, .step   .obj→.u3d   .obj→.wrl, .vrml   .obj→.x_t, .x_b   .obj→.xsi   .off→.3dm   .off→.3ds   .off→.3dxml   .off→.blend   .off→.c4d   .off→.CATPart   .off→.CATProduct   .off→.cgr   .off→.dae   .off→.dwg   .off→.fbx   .off→.igs, .iges   .off→.jt   .off→.lwo   .off→.lws   .off→.m3d   .off→.ma   .off→.mb   .off→.max   .off→.obj   .off→.par   .off→.ply   .off→.prt   .off→.prt   .off→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .off→.skp   .off→.sldasm   .off→.sldprt   .off→.stl   .off→.stp, .step   .off→.u3d   .off→.wrl, .vrml   .off→.x_t, .x_b   .off→.xsi   .par→.3dm   .par→.3ds   .par→.3dxml   .par→.blend   .par→.c4d   .par→.CATPart   .par→.CATProduct   .par→.cgr   .par→.dae   .par→.dwg   .par→.fbx   .par→.igs, .iges   .par→.jt   .par→.lwo   .par→.lws   .par→.m3d   .par→.ma   .par→.mb   .par→.max   .par→.obj   .par→.off   .par→.ply   .par→.prt   .par→.prt   .par→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .par→.skp   .par→.sldasm   .par→.sldprt   .par→.stl   .par→.stp, .step   .par→.u3d   .par→.wrl, .vrml   .par→.x_t, .x_b   .par→.xsi   .ply→.3dm   .ply→.3ds   .ply→.3dxml   .ply→.blend   .ply→.c4d   .ply→.CATPart   .ply→.CATProduct   .ply→.cgr   .ply→.dae   .ply→.dwg   .ply→.fbx   .ply→.igs, .iges   .ply→.jt   .ply→.lwo   .ply→.lws   .ply→.m3d   .ply→.ma   .ply→.mb   .ply→.max   .ply→.obj   .ply→.off   .ply→.par   .ply→.prt   .ply→.prt   .ply→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .ply→.skp   .ply→.sldasm   .ply→.sldprt   .ply→.stl   .ply→.stp, .step   .ply→.u3d   .ply→.wrl, .vrml   .ply→.x_t, .x_b   .ply→.xsi   .prt→.3dm   .prt→.3ds   .prt→.3dxml   .prt→.blend   .prt→.c4d   .prt→.CATPart   .prt→.CATProduct   .prt→.cgr   .prt→.dae   .prt→.dwg   .prt→.fbx   .prt→.igs, .iges   .prt→.jt   .prt→.lwo   .prt→.lws   .prt→.m3d   .prt→.ma   .prt→.mb   .prt→.max   .prt→.obj   .prt→.off   .prt→.par   .prt→.ply   .prt→.prt   .prt→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .prt→.skp   .prt→.sldasm   .prt→.sldprt   .prt→.stl   .prt→.stp, .step   .prt→.u3d   .prt→.wrl, .vrml   .prt→.x_t, .x_b   .prt→.xsi   .prt→.3dm   .prt→.3ds   .prt→.3dxml   .prt→.blend   .prt→.c4d   .prt→.CATPart   .prt→.CATProduct   .prt→.cgr   .prt→.dae   .prt→.dwg   .prt→.fbx   .prt→.igs, .iges   .prt→.jt   .prt→.lwo   .prt→.lws   .prt→.m3d   .prt→.ma   .prt→.mb   .prt→.max   .prt→.obj   .prt→.off   .prt→.par   .prt→.ply   .prt→.prt   .prt→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .prt→.skp   .prt→.sldasm   .prt→.sldprt   .prt→.stl   .prt→.stp, .step   .prt→.u3d   .prt→.wrl, .vrml   .prt→.x_t, .x_b   .prt→.xsi   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.3dm   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.3ds   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.3dxml   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.blend   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.c4d   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.CATPart   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.CATProduct   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.cgr   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.dae   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.dwg   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.fbx   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.igs, .iges   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.jt   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.lwo   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.lws   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.m3d   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.ma   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.mb   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.max   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.obj   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.off   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.par   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.ply   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.prt   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.prt   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.skp   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.sldasm   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.sldprt   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.stl   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.stp, .step   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.u3d   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.wrl, .vrml   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.x_t, .x_b   .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab→.xsi   .skp→.3dm   .skp→.3ds   .skp→.3dxml   .skp→.blend   .skp→.c4d   .skp→.CATPart   .skp→.CATProduct   .skp→.cgr   .skp→.dae   .skp→.dwg   .skp→.fbx   .skp→.igs, .iges   .skp→.jt   .skp→.lwo   .skp→.lws   .skp→.m3d   .skp→.ma   .skp→.mb   .skp→.max   .skp→.obj   .skp→.off   .skp→.par   .skp→.ply   .skp→.prt   .skp→.prt   .skp→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .skp→.sldasm   .skp→.sldprt   .skp→.stl   .skp→.stp, .step   .skp→.u3d   .skp→.wrl, .vrml   .skp→.x_t, .x_b   .skp→.xsi   .sldasm→.3dm   .sldasm→.3ds   .sldasm→.3dxml   .sldasm→.blend   .sldasm→.c4d   .sldasm→.CATPart   .sldasm→.CATProduct   .sldasm→.cgr   .sldasm→.dae   .sldasm→.dwg   .sldasm→.fbx   .sldasm→.igs, .iges   .sldasm→.jt   .sldasm→.lwo   .sldasm→.lws   .sldasm→.m3d   .sldasm→.ma   .sldasm→.mb   .sldasm→.max   .sldasm→.obj   .sldasm→.off   .sldasm→.par   .sldasm→.ply   .sldasm→.prt   .sldasm→.prt   .sldasm→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .sldasm→.skp   .sldasm→.sldprt   .sldasm→.stl   .sldasm→.stp, .step   .sldasm→.u3d   .sldasm→.wrl, .vrml   .sldasm→.x_t, .x_b   .sldasm→.xsi   .sldprt→.3dm   .sldprt→.3ds   .sldprt→.3dxml   .sldprt→.blend   .sldprt→.c4d   .sldprt→.CATPart   .sldprt→.CATProduct   .sldprt→.cgr   .sldprt→.dae   .sldprt→.dwg   .sldprt→.fbx   .sldprt→.igs, .iges   .sldprt→.jt   .sldprt→.lwo   .sldprt→.lws   .sldprt→.m3d   .sldprt→.ma   .sldprt→.mb   .sldprt→.max   .sldprt→.obj   .sldprt→.off   .sldprt→.par   .sldprt→.ply   .sldprt→.prt   .sldprt→.prt   .sldprt→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .sldprt→.skp   .sldprt→.sldasm   .sldprt→.stl   .sldprt→.stp, .step   .sldprt→.u3d   .sldprt→.wrl, .vrml   .sldprt→.x_t, .x_b   .sldprt→.xsi   .stl→.3dm   .stl→.3ds   .stl→.3dxml   .stl→.blend   .stl→.c4d   .stl→.CATPart   .stl→.CATProduct   .stl→.cgr   .stl→.dae   .stl→.dwg   .stl→.fbx   .stl→.igs, .iges   .stl→.jt   .stl→.lwo   .stl→.lws   .stl→.m3d   .stl→.ma   .stl→.mb   .stl→.max   .stl→.obj   .stl→.off   .stl→.par   .stl→.ply   .stl→.prt   .stl→.prt   .stl→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .stl→.skp   .stl→.sldasm   .stl→.sldprt   .stl→.stp, .step   .stl→.u3d   .stl→.wrl, .vrml   .stl→.x_t, .x_b   .stl→.xsi   .stp, .step→.3dm   .stp, .step→.3ds   .stp, .step→.3dxml   .stp, .step→.blend   .stp, .step→.c4d   .stp, .step→.CATPart   .stp, .step→.CATProduct   .stp, .step→.cgr   .stp, .step→.dae   .stp, .step→.dwg   .stp, .step→.fbx   .stp, .step→.igs, .iges   .stp, .step→.jt   .stp, .step→.lwo   .stp, .step→.lws   .stp, .step→.m3d   .stp, .step→.ma   .stp, .step→.mb   .stp, .step→.max   .stp, .step→.obj   .stp, .step→.off   .stp, .step→.par   .stp, .step→.ply   .stp, .step→.prt   .stp, .step→.prt   .stp, .step→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .stp, .step→.skp   .stp, .step→.sldasm   .stp, .step→.sldprt   .stp, .step→.stl   .stp, .step→.u3d   .stp, .step→.wrl, .vrml   .stp, .step→.x_t, .x_b   .stp, .step→.xsi   .u3d→.3dm   .u3d→.3ds   .u3d→.3dxml   .u3d→.blend   .u3d→.c4d   .u3d→.CATPart   .u3d→.CATProduct   .u3d→.cgr   .u3d→.dae   .u3d→.dwg   .u3d→.fbx   .u3d→.igs, .iges   .u3d→.jt   .u3d→.lwo   .u3d→.lws   .u3d→.m3d   .u3d→.ma   .u3d→.mb   .u3d→.max   .u3d→.obj   .u3d→.off   .u3d→.par   .u3d→.ply   .u3d→.prt   .u3d→.prt   .u3d→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .u3d→.skp   .u3d→.sldasm   .u3d→.sldprt   .u3d→.stl   .u3d→.stp, .step   .u3d→.wrl, .vrml   .u3d→.x_t, .x_b   .u3d→.xsi   .wrl, .vrml→.3dm   .wrl, .vrml→.3ds   .wrl, .vrml→.3dxml   .wrl, .vrml→.blend   .wrl, .vrml→.c4d   .wrl, .vrml→.CATPart   .wrl, .vrml→.CATProduct   .wrl, .vrml→.cgr   .wrl, .vrml→.dae   .wrl, .vrml→.dwg   .wrl, .vrml→.fbx   .wrl, .vrml→.igs, .iges   .wrl, .vrml→.jt   .wrl, .vrml→.lwo   .wrl, .vrml→.lws   .wrl, .vrml→.m3d   .wrl, .vrml→.ma   .wrl, .vrml→.mb   .wrl, .vrml→.max   .wrl, .vrml→.obj   .wrl, .vrml→.off   .wrl, .vrml→.par   .wrl, .vrml→.ply   .wrl, .vrml→.prt   .wrl, .vrml→.prt   .wrl, .vrml→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .wrl, .vrml→.skp   .wrl, .vrml→.sldasm   .wrl, .vrml→.sldprt   .wrl, .vrml→.stl   .wrl, .vrml→.stp, .step   .wrl, .vrml→.u3d   .wrl, .vrml→.x_t, .x_b   .wrl, .vrml→.xsi   .x_t, .x_b→.3dm   .x_t, .x_b→.3ds   .x_t, .x_b→.3dxml   .x_t, .x_b→.blend   .x_t, .x_b→.c4d   .x_t, .x_b→.CATPart   .x_t, .x_b→.CATProduct   .x_t, .x_b→.cgr   .x_t, .x_b→.dae   .x_t, .x_b→.dwg   .x_t, .x_b→.fbx   .x_t, .x_b→.igs, .iges   .x_t, .x_b→.jt   .x_t, .x_b→.lwo   .x_t, .x_b→.lws   .x_t, .x_b→.m3d   .x_t, .x_b→.ma   .x_t, .x_b→.mb   .x_t, .x_b→.max   .x_t, .x_b→.obj   .x_t, .x_b→.off   .x_t, .x_b→.par   .x_t, .x_b→.ply   .x_t, .x_b→.prt   .x_t, .x_b→.prt   .x_t, .x_b→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .x_t, .x_b→.skp   .x_t, .x_b→.sldasm   .x_t, .x_b→.sldprt   .x_t, .x_b→.stl   .x_t, .x_b→.stp, .step   .x_t, .x_b→.u3d   .x_t, .x_b→.wrl, .vrml   .x_t, .x_b→.xsi   .xsi→.3dm   .xsi→.3ds   .xsi→.3dxml   .xsi→.blend   .xsi→.c4d   .xsi→.CATPart   .xsi→.CATProduct   .xsi→.cgr   .xsi→.dae   .xsi→.dwg   .xsi→.fbx   .xsi→.igs, .iges   .xsi→.jt   .xsi→.lwo   .xsi→.lws   .xsi→.m3d   .xsi→.ma   .xsi→.mb   .xsi→.max   .xsi→.obj   .xsi→.off   .xsi→.par   .xsi→.ply   .xsi→.prt   .xsi→.prt   .xsi→.sat, .sab, .asat, .asab   .xsi→.skp   .xsi→.sldasm   .xsi→.sldprt   .xsi→.stl   .xsi→.stp, .step   .xsi→.u3d   .xsi→.wrl, .vrml   .xsi→.x_t, .x_b   
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