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Transformation from .IGS, .IGES to .CGR
Backward .CGR → .IGS, .IGES

Input format comprises a solid surface or (NURBS) information. Target format contains polygonal information. Conversion involves triangulation (dividing mathematical surfaces into triangles). The smaller the size of the triangle is given, the more detailed model at the output and the larger the file size.
The complexity of the conversion: LOW
NameInitial Graphics Exchange SpecificationCATIA Graphical Representation
File extension.igs, .iges.cgr
Original softwareCATIA V5
Smoothing groups
Textures, materials
Developer/OwnerU.S. National Bureau of StandardsDassault Systemes
SpecificationDownload PDF
Format featuresUniversal open interchange NURBS-surfaces format. Along with STEP - one of the most popularThe format in which CATIA stores a simplified version of representations of solid and surface models
Viewing softwareDelcam Exchange 2012 (free), eDrawings (free)3DXML Player (free)
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