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Transformation from .MB to .3DM
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The input format in most cases contains polygonal information, but also allows you to store surface (NURBS) solid models (Solids). The target format in most cases contains a solid information, but also allows you to store surface (NURBS), and polygons. If the input file contains the polygon data file and the target surface or solid models, in most cases requires a manual post-processing file, or a full drawing surfaces.
The complexity of the conversion: HIGH
NameMaya Binary Project FileRhino OpenNURBS
File extension.mb.3dm
Original softwareAutodesk MayaRhinoceros 3D
Smoothing groups
Textures, materials
Developer/OwnerAutodeskRobert McNeel & Associates
Format featuresUsing like .ma format (ASCII)The format of the first NURBS-Modeling software for Windows. Is currently open, so there are converters from/to lots of formats
Viewing softwareMayaDeep View (free)
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