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Transformation from .3DM to .LWO
Backward .LWO → .3DM

The input format in most cases contains a solid information, but also allows you to store surface (NURBS), and polygons. Target format contains polygonal information. If the input file contains solid and / or NURBS-data, the transformation involves triangulation (dividing mathematical surfaces into triangles). The smaller the size of the triangle is given, the more detailed model at the output and the larger the file size.
The complexity of the conversion: LOW
NameRhino OpenNURBSLightWave 3D Object File
File extension.3dm.lwo
Original softwareRhinoceros 3DLightWave
Smoothing groups
Textures, materials
Developer/OwnerRobert McNeel & AssociatesNewtek
SpecificationOpenNURBSLightwave SDK
Format featuresThe format of the first NURBS-Modeling software for Windows. Is currently open, so there are converters from/to lots of formats LightWave object. See also LWS
Viewing softwareDeep View (free)Deep View (free)
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