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Transformation from .MB to .U3D
Backward .U3D → .MB

The input format in most cases contains polygonal information, but also allows you to store surface (NURBS) solid models (Solids). Target format contains polygonal information. If the input file contains polygon data, the geometric transformation is simple and will not take much time
The complexity of the conversion: LOW
NameMaya Binary Project FileUniversal 3D File
File extension.mb.u3d
Original softwareAutodesk Maya
Smoothing groups
Textures, materials
Developer/OwnerAutodesk3D Industry Forum, Ecma International
SpecificationUniversal 3D File Format
Format featuresUsing like .ma format (ASCII)Attempt to create a universal format for the exchange of 3D-data, including for publishing on the Internet. One of the successors of obsolete format WRL (VRML)
Viewing softwareMayaGLC_Player (free), MeshLab (free)
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